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Here is where you can find all the music!!

Some of these songs are very polished, some can be a fair bit rougher in their performance and recording. To me, this is a reflection of the width and breadth of filk. It's not simply about the music - it's about our community... our tribe.

The Video, and WorlDream Songs

Many Hearts, One Voice - All WorlDream Choruses
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Viele Herzen, Ein Lied- Translation by Franklin Gunkelmann mp3
Related songs by Steve Macdonald Expanding Circles mp3
Hands of a Friend mp3
There And Back Again mp3

Project Songs

These are songs recommended by each convention to reflect their local community or artists; and curated by Steve.

GaFilk Strangers No More, We Sing - Brenda Sutton mp3
Songs that Matter - Terence Chua mp3
Conflikt How Far Back Does Music Go? - Cat Faber mp3
Emerald Green - Vixy & Tony mp3
Earth That Was - Cecilia Eng mp3
ConThirteena Sam's Song - Soren and Zander Nyrond mp3
Three Days Away - Mike Whitaker mp3
Consonance World Inside the Crystal - Steve Savitsky mp3
Never Mind - Jeff Bohnhoff mp3
Blackwaterside - Broceliande mp3
FilKONtario Home to FilKONtario - Urban Tapestry mp3
Aux Etoiles - Judith Hayman mp3
Pioneers of Mars - Lloyd Landa and Karen Linsley mp3
Conterpoint Second-Hand Songs - Jonathan Turner mp3
Northeastern Travels - Gary Erhrlich mp3
ConChord I Would Walk With You - Cynthia McQuillin mp3
Three Quarter Time - Ken Graydon (Windbourne) mp3
HarmUni World's Too Big - Annie Griffith mp3
Precious Moments - Phil Allcock mp3
Evil Overlords Anonymous - Alasdair & Jessica Prett mp3
FilkCONtinental Promise - Eva Van Daele-Hunt mp3
The Filker - Franklin Gunkelmann mp3
Filkers Go A-Roving - Ju Honisch & Katy Dröge mp3
OVFF Sharing - Bill and Gretchen Roper mp3
The Cool Green Hills of Earth - Mark Bernstein & Robert Heinlein mp3
A Thousand Songs - Bill Steele (Daniel & Melissa Glasser) mp3


And finally- the individual full chorus recordings!

GaFilk WorlDream Chorus


Conflikt WorlDream Chorus


ConThirteena WorlDream Chorus (lost)


Consonance WorlDream Chorus


FilKONtario WorlDream Chorus


Conterpoint WorlDream Chorus (lost)


ConChord WorlDream Chorus


HarmUni WorlDream Chorus


Millennium Philcon WorlDream Chorus


FilkCONtinental WorlDream Chorus


OVFF WorlDream Chorus





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