Three Quarter Time

Music and Lyrics © by Ken Graydon
Performed by Windbourne


Three quarter time is the beat of the heart
When you dance with the one that you love
When you whirl 'cross the floor
With the one you adore
And the moon smiles and beams from above

The hours go by in a minute or so,
Too soon it's the clock's midnight chime
And you waltz through your dreams
'Til it finally seems the world moves in three quarter time

The fiddle and mandolin weave their cocoon
'Round the rhythm of a border guitar
Music takes flight, and revolves through the night
'Til the tune seems to hang on a star

So come take your place
Take my hand
Take my heart
Let our feet join the rhythm sublime
We'll balance and swirl to the end of the world
Forever in three quarter time


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