Songs That Matter

Music and Lyrics © 2000 by Terence Chua


When the world spins me round till I'm on my knees
And the night's closing in at the end
When I don't know where to run or to turn to
The music's still there like a friend

There's emotions inside me I cannot name
There's a feeling my heart's gonna break
And the words just can't hold all the worlds in my head
And I pray the Lord my soul to take

    Sometimes I feel
    That the only real times I'm alive
    Are times when the music is playing
    Don't matter what else is happening
    If I can keep singing
    The songs that matter to me

They may sing of the lovers that never meet
Or a spaceman who's so far from home
The stories they tell may be different
But in both songs they feel so alone

There are songs for a world filled with fairytales
There are songs for a world more mundane
But the words and the music are dancing as one
And the magic they weave is the same

    Just like a box
    That's too big for its outsides to hold
    Unfolding, revealing its treasures
    Laying bare all of the feelings
    I'm too scared to say
    The songs that matter to me

    And they can hit
    Me right here like a bolt from the blue
    Making me weep like a willow
    Singing of dragons, or rocketships
    Or good times with friends
    The songs that matter to me


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