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What is The WorlDream?

For the new Millennium; I wanted to see all my friends and family. And there's only one way I knew of doing that- by going to every filk convention that was held in 2001. Well, ok. Every filk convention, in order. Which meant that I went to Contata in 2002, and will be attending ConCertino in 2003 (since they weren't held in 2001).

Big whoop. This doesn't mean much. And I wanted this to mean something- something that can be given back to the community that has given me so much...(yeah, cliche; I know. But if you know me, you'll know I'm a sap... and filk and related communities have given me almost everything I value in my life outside of my children. So, deal. *grin*).

I didn't want anything big- just one song.

The only caveat is that I wanted every filker on the planet singing on it.

So, I wrote a song, to be played at every Filk con in 2001. And I found other songs like it; and I tried to spread 'em around far and wide as well.

We recorded this song at every con- as sung by (on average) two thirds of the attendees of each convention. After OVFF 17, we'll take the recordings done at each convention; and cut and splice them together so that every filker on the planet who wants to is participating on the same song at the same time.

In other words, the purpose and focus of this project was to bring as many of everyone together as possible, a statement of community at the beginning of the new Millennium. We'll have a CD that even the folks who will never produce a recording can say "Hey- I'm on that!"

Each concom has selected a short list of songs to represent their convention on this project. Something written and indicative of their area.

We anticipate that the CD to be generated from this project will be available in mid to late 2003. The wholesale profits from CD sales will go back into the community. InterFilk will receive all profits from the project in the US; the British and German Fan Funds will get the wholesale profits in their respective countries.

It was quite a ride! Pick up the CD when it comes out- you'll see what we mean!

Copyright © 2002 Steve Macdonald