Aux Étoiles

Copyright © 1992 by Judith Hayman
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved


Farewell to Terra. Ádieu! Ádieu!
So soon, so soon, we are leaving!
Farewell to Terra. Ádieu! Ádieu!
Aux étoiles maintenant nous departons.

Left our land of rock and of snow,
Stretched among three oceans' shores
Left lakes that sprawl and forests vast
Mountains that soar beyond seas of grass


Left our homeland's diversity
All conflicts passed to harmony
To join in the bold adventure now,
Main à la main jusqu'aux hautes étoiles.


Ádieu La Terre, vraiment fini,
Our lives bound to your lands and seas,
Et tout le monde d'une seule voix,
Sing out to the stars which call us now.


Chorus, one full tone up

To the stars, the stars, we are leaving.


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