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The Quilt

At GaFilk, Margaret Middleton started talking about making a WorlDream Quilt available to all and sundry. I saw the quilt in progress at FilKONtario, and boy, is it gonna be COMFY!!

*sniff* Wish I could get one... *grin*

WorlDream Quilt

Click the quilt for a BIG picture...

When I started this little project, I asked several graphic artists connected with the filk community if they would like to submit artwork to help promote and focus the purpose of the tour. Beckett Gladney contributed these images- the one on the left was used for the Editions CD covers; and the image on the right is the logo used for the entire tour.

In 2020, I asked Beckett to update the image- this is the one currently used on the site.

CD Cover WD Logo


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