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1 GaFilk 68 7 ConChord 40


62 8 HarmUni 38


64 9 Philcon 68
4 Consonance 47 10 FilkCONtinental 57
5 FilKONtario 74 11 OVFF 128
6 Conterpoint 60   TOTAL 706


483.5 people have participated in the WorlDream! Due to people attending several conventions, we now have 706 voices on the project!

.5?!? Yep, .5. Phoebe Biddle *did* participate and make noise at ConThirteena- it was just insulated by her mother's womb so we couldn't hear it...

Please let me know if I've misspelled anyone's name- I'll correct it immediately! Also, let me know what you thought of the WorlDream recordings you've experienced. I'll put you up on the feedback pages!

And since this page has gotten so large and unwieldy, I have to split it in three! The pages are divided alphabetically by last name, A-H, I-P, or R-Z.


Participants List





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