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Jezebel, the Rapturous Trollop


At GaFilk, my regular 12 string guitar (Moira) developed a cracked bridge. So, I took her (er, the guitar) in to our local luthier right after the con; and told him that I would need the guitar back in time to go to ConThirteena 3 weeks later.

He didn't make it.

So, it was in a mild state of panic that I hollered for help 4 days before I was to leave for England.

Melissa Glasser volunteered her 12, which her husband Daniel had given to her. Daniel had had the guitar for over 10 years. She even brought it herself, special delivery... I live in Michigan- she in West Virginia. There is 5 hours of geography between us. This blessed, sainted woman drove 10 hours just to bring me her guitar. And then she asked me to name it!!! I asked Daniel and Melissa if they were sure; and Daniel pointed out that she hadn't told him what her name was in 10 years- if she chose to tell me, so be it.

(Daniel and Melissa own another 12, which has (by far) the best action and voice I've ever seen on a 12 string. This guitar is known as Succubus; because of the way she lures you away and makes you her own... I lust after that guitar... (smile). However, Jezebel is almost as good; she is a wonderfully responsive guitar. But I digress...)

On the plane to England, I decided that since the guitar got to go to ConThirteena and the Glassers didn't, that it would only be fair to photograph her guitar with as many attendees as I had the time and film for.

It was during the photo shoots that we decided upon her name- since she obviously enjoyed the attention from so many filkers!

So... many of the ConThirteena and a couple of the Consonance pictures feature Jezebel with various and sundry folk doing various and sundry things with her.

Melissa is getting a photo album with all the Jezebel pics, along with a tshirt that states "My guitar went to ConThirteena 2001 and all I got was this lousy tshirt!"




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