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FilKONtario 2001

FKO ran by so fast this year, that I didn't really take any notes. I was sure that I'd remember every detail; and make the time to sit and write the report RIGHT after the con.


So, I'll do the best I can.

This was FilKONtario 11. 10 years ago, there was this small teeny convention started in the wilds of Canada. Bill and Brenda Sutton were asked to be the Guests of Honor. It went over so well; they were told that they would be asked back every decade that the con lasted.

Bill and Brenda didn't believe them.

And here they were- Guests of Honor once again. :)

The InterFilk Guest was Erica Neely, recently re-patriated to the US after an extended school engagement in England. And the Filk Waif (other cons call it a Toastmaster. Waif is more appropriate- you WORK when you're the Toastmaster...) was Steve Simmons.

I can't describe what a wonderful, warm, close, and friendly convention this is. They sponsor the Filk Hall of Fame- and support music in their local community in many ways.

This year's Hall of Fame recipients were Gordon Dickson, Gytha North, and Bill & Brenda Sutton. Please check out the Hall of Fame page- the reason these fine people deserve to be in the Hall is there.

A very beloved member of the community, Lloyd Landa, passed away last year. A memoriam was placed in Israel in his memory; the funds were contributed by the many friends and fans Lloyd had in the filk community. Lloyd's partner, Karen Linsley was there to accept the memoriam on Lloyd's behalf. He is dearly missed.

My ex-wife Susan and son Luke were at the convention as well; and participated in the WorlDream recording. This is the first time Susan and I have attended a filk convention at the same time since the divorce. I feel that it's a testament to the atmosphere of the convention and the community in general that Susan feels welcomed and loved here.

Luke had so much fun that he stayed with me after the con. Susan had to leave Sunday afternoon, and he couldn't bear to leave that soon!

Random memories:

The look on Karen Linsley's face after the WorlDream recording. Thank you, Karen- I'll treasure this memory all my days.

Bill Sutton and I breaking up Erica Neely in her concert with the Murder Hand Jive. We had a conga line going...

Susan's face during the WorlDream recording. We'll make it. Always.

Participating in my first Dorsai Filk as a member of the Dorsai Irregulars.


WorlDream Recording

wow. I really don't have the words. This was the largest turnout of any of the recording sessions to date. Fully a third of the folks there had done the recording at least once before.

The *wall* of sound that hit... the power of voice... the unity... if you were there you know what I'm talking about, and that there really aren't words for it. If you weren't there; it's not really that describable, I'm sorry.

However, I urge you to feel this. We'll be having the final sessions in the US at Worldcon and OVFF; sessions are also scheduled at HarmUni in England and FilkCONtinental in Germany. We'll look for you there.

You *are* welcome here.





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