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Consonance 2001

Another month, another con. :) WOOHOO!!!

So, let's dive in, shall we? *grin*

I arrived at the San Jose airport about 1:30p and took a taxi to the hotel, since the front desk personnel couldn't locate the shuttle driver. As it turns out, this was the minor hotel snafu; the major one being that I got double billed for the room. *sigh*

When I got there, my room wasn't ready yet; so I decided to see where I could hang out. The consuite was in the final stages of being setup (WoW! Colleen Savitsky outdoes herself yet again!); and I was able to get an early start on ConSuite Schmoozing 101.

Through the afternoon, people were arriving- Kathy Mar, Joey Shoji, Callie Hills, Merav Hoffman, Nancy Freeman, Carson Gaspar, Alan Thiesen, Mark Peters, Urban Tapestry... and ran into Dave Weingart and his wife.

I had supper with Mark Peters, made reacquaintance with Rick Weiss. I hadn't seen Rick in nearly 8 years!

After supper I napped for a bit- missed part of Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff's release but went anyway. Also went to Eli's party for Prometheus Productions.

I saw concerts by Cindy McQuillin & Dr. Jane, Jordin Kare, and Steve Savitsky.

I missed Leslie Fish's concert to get ready for the WorlDream rehearsal and recording.

We started the WorlDream rehearsal at 11:30; took a break at midnight, and started right in again about 12:30 for the recording session.. We recorded for about 45 minutes; so we ended up about 1:15am. We were a bit tired at the end of it all; but we got a good, tight recording.

I went to cool off until about 2:30; then filked until 4am.


When I got up Saturday morning, I had a pretty massive headache. So, I went to the consuite in search of caffeine; and did a small sing there with Seanan and Heather Stern.

On Saturday afternoon, there were concerts by Merav Hoffman, Carla Ulbrich, Gary Ehrlich, and Paul Kwinn.

Echo's Children & Bob Esty gave concert, and then there was a combined concert with Debbie Baudin, Maya Bohnhoff, Nancy Freeman, and Jane Robinson. They sang of Evil Leather Pants. Very evil. I want a recording of this- it was KEWL! :)

There was the annual expedition to the HUGE Salad Bar Restaurant. I missed the rideshare, and so I took a taxi to dinner; and caught a ride home with some folk there.

Mike Stein was the Toastmaster; and he gave a good, solid concert.

Dave Weingart was up next- as the InterFilk Guest; he has proved yet again that there are far too many GREAT filkers that more people need to hear.

GoH's Urban Tapestry played last- to me the highlight of their show was their love song to Jean Luc Picard. My heart was just as broken as Debbie's by the end of the song; so I collected the pieces of the paper heart she uses in the song and saved them for FKO.

It was a GREAT con!





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