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This project would not be possible without the active help and participation of many, many people. In no particular order, these are:

Con Coms
GaFilk Conflikt ConThirteena Consonance
FilKONtario Conterpoint ConChord HarmUni
FilkContinental OVFF  
InterFilk UK Fan Fund German Fan Fund  
Spencer Love Bill Sutton Chris Croughton Gerry Tyra
Jeff Bohnhoff Ken Lalonde Peggi Warner-Lalonde Tom Jeffers
Glenn Simser Scott Dorsey Volker Tanger Scott Snyder
Mark Peters John Seghers  
Beckett Gladney Melissa Glasser Margaret Middleton  
Alyse Middleton Rob Wynne Diana Huey Susan Rati
Mike Whitaker Gretchen Roper Nancy Mabile Steve Simmons
Shawna Jacques
Free Advice
Flanders Heather Munn Becky Schoenberg Daniel Glasser
Greg McMullan Kyttn Arlene 'Callie' Hills Tracy Lunquist
Dave Weingart Hilary Croughton Eloise Beltz-Decker Frank Parker
Gwen Knighton  


My deepest heartfelt thanks go to all these folks- this couldn't have been done without their help!





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