World's Too Big

©Wilderwood (Tim and Annie Walker)


There's an easy touch of strings, six and ten together
Two easy lilting voices live in my heart forever
I wish my arms could reach, or only my heart could dare
When it is in my arms you'll be if I could wish you there

I'll play the tapes again, they're worn and getting thin
But your voices live there, friends, so I'll smile as the song begins
But the smile will shift to tears, I wish you were here once more
I wish I could sail the seas, set my foot upon your shore.

I wish I had wings to fly, or a galleon tall and fair
I'd fly like the swiftest bird, or sail like a brave corsair
But this world's too big to love someone so far away
This world's too big.... oh, it's too big
Tom and Dave
It's just too big.


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