The Soul

Music © Roberta Rogos (The Ship)
Lyric © Franklin Gunkelmann


I am a poet, I build with words a better world
in verse and rhymes my dreams unfurl.
My poems tell the stories of the bold and brave,
the life of kings and ladies, simple men or slaves.
And when I write them down and moving on again
they do still remain, they will still remain.

IĞm a composer with music I will touch your heart,
a base for friendship there to start.
A simple melodie or roaring symphony,
will paint you pictures that your inner eye can see.
And if the music stops, the final note is through
my song will stay with you, it will stay with you.

I am a listener, I listen to a babies cry,
its laughter or a lullaby.
I listen to the leaves or to the falling rain,
I listen to the people once and once again.
and if I look up to the sky the stars I see
they do talk to me, they do talk to me.

I am a lover, I love my family, my friends
I will reach out and take there hands.
For everyone I meet I have an open mind
IĞll make them friends, leave all prejudice far behind.
And when we part again one thing I surely know,
our friendship it will grow, the friendship it will grow.

I am a thinker, an author and a musicman
I allways do the best I can.
I love to laugh, IĞm not ashamed to show my tears
and I sing songs that take away all of your fears.
And IĞm a guiding light through nights as black as coal,
cause IĞm a filkers soul - IĞm a filkers soul.





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