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FilkCONtinental 2001

WorlDream and FilkCONtinental

A couple of folks have asked me if the events of 11 September will affect whether or not I choose to travel on 26 September to Germany for FilkCONtinental for the WorlDream.

I was honestly suprised that it appeared to be an issue.

The WorlDream is about community. About coming together, connecting. About celebrating our common bonds, and together mourning our losses.

Of course I'm going. If nothing else, the tragedies of 11/9/01 make it even more important to go on than ever before. Now is the time to draw together, to hold one another. Now, more than ever, we need these connections. We need to know that we have been before, and will continue on.

On the HarmUni feedback page, Chris Croughton had this to say:

"When it was first announced, with just the words, it (the WorlDream) didn't do anything for me. When I heard (Steve's solo) rendition on his own it was better, but nothing special. Singing it in the massed group, however, is the thing which is special. Much the same I find is true for Sam's Song or Brenda's Strangers No More.

It's the singing of it which makes it special."

I am not the WorlDream. Individually, none of us are. Together, we are all the community that the WorlDream helps us to feel is there. It's nice if I'm there, but really not required.

Therefore if, for some reason, my government does not allow me to board that plane in a week and a half; I am sure that somehow it will happen anyway.

However, they're gonna have one hell of an argument with me to keep me from being there.

And besides, if I don't go- the Enemy has won. And I simply cannot stomach that.

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