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At GaFilk, Margaret Middleton started talking about making a WorlDream Quilt, and selling raffle tickets to help fund the project. She bought a WorlDream tshirt to use as the center of the quilt, took scissors to the shirt, and got started.

Each border represents a different convention- they are, in order: GaFilk, ConThirteena, Consonance, FilKONtario, Conterpoint, ConChord, HarmUni, Millennium Philcon, FilkCONtinental, and OVFF.

It was raffled off at GaFilk in January, 2002, but wasn't completed until 2006. The winner was a German filker- and I hand delivered it to her when I moved to Germany in September, 2006.

She loves it to this day.

Here is how it started:


And then it grew... and grew... to THIS:


And here is the rear label:



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