A Con Spent In A Circle

©1999 by Robert Wynne
Music © by Harry Chapin- "Circle"


A con spent in a circle
All our troubles gone
The music echoes through the night
Till the breaking of the dawn
A con spent in a circle,
Friends sharing harmony,
We'll give no thought to sleep now --
Come on and filk with me


I met you sometime last year,
I don't remember where,
But I know we shared a song or two,
Help me circle up these chairs

I'm glad to see you came again,
we've still a lot to do --
The convention day is over,
but the evening is still new.


A voice lilts out a melody
A single strumming hand
A bodhran adds a rhythmic beat
It's better than a band

When other fans have gone to sleep
We circle up and sing
And each takes home full measure
of all the joy we bring


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