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Mea Culpa

For those that know me, you know what an effective, consistent, and thorough communicator and writer I am.

For those that don't know me, and have been following this website; you've seen first hand what an effective, consistent, and thorough communicator and writer I am.

In other words- I stink at this.

I am sorry that I have been so remiss at getting updates to this page; and will endeavor (without promising to actually deliver- it's me we're talking about here, after all...) to make updates for the next conventions on the tour available more quickly.

I've managed to write convention reports for GaFilk and ConThirteena. And enough time has passed from Consonance, FKO, and Conterpoint I'm not sure how good of a conreport I can do. But I'll give it my best shot with my faulty memory.

Mid-Dream Interlude

Today is August 6. Pretty much the eve of ConChord. I'm sitting on an Amtrak train traveling from Chicago back to Ann Arbor- watching the scenery of Southern Michigan pass by. Almost everything I see is in varying shades of green and yellow- trees, flowers; summer colors. And when I started this WorlDream Journey; everything out my window was white and grey.

When the Journey completes; we'll have been through the riotous colors of Fall; and coming back around to the whites and greys of Winter.

We've done the WorlDream at GaFilk, ConThirteena, Consonance, FilKONtario, and Conterpoint.

Coming up is ConChord, HarmUni, Worldcon, FilkCONtinental, and OVFF.


The Dream has taken me to friends both old and new in Georgia, England, Ontario, California, and Maryland. I started this dream in part to see dear found family- I didn't expect to find more reasons to continue. But almost everywhere I've gone someone happens to me that breathes new life into the Dream. New faces, new reasons. Old faces, and new reasons abound as well...

Rob and Gwen, Hilary and Zander, Merav and Jon, ilk, and Karen... and Lloyd. Gretchen, Bill, Alison, Jodi, Debbie, Scott, Amanda, Bill, Brenda, Jared, James, Alisa, Luis, Jane, Cynthia, Pete, Jill, Cecil ... and the list goes on. It's people. It's *all* about people, and the community that we're constantly reinventing and building.

"Family met that wasn't there before
A few short hours and your life has changed once more
Expanding circles- the world is smaller and more warm"

Copyright © 2000 Steve Macdonald