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FilkCONtinental 2001

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Dear Steve,

Heavens, I really lost my grip on reality during FilkContinental. I just wanted to thank you again for this great idea of the WorlDream projekt. I felt that we really are what we have sung so deeply from the heart - one heart, one voice. Thank you.



Hi Steve,

I didn`t get to say goodbye to you at FilkCONtinental, so I`ll do it virtual now. I really enjoyed the WorlDream and your music very much. Hope to see you someday soon,


A few random recollections....

Lots of sets, and Franklin doing his inimitable Master of Ceremonies act to string them all together.

Taunya and Paul performing "Diamonds and Rust" and "My Jalapeno Man", and the Danger-ettes giving Danger Man Paul backing (Whooo!) as a set finale.

Valerie singing her song "Flying Free" based on "Requiem" by Robert Heinlein, to the tune of "Sam's Song". The only song that made me cry this year...

The WorlDream rehearsal and recording sessions. Wow! Gets my hair standing on end just thinking about it.

The harmony workshop. "Promise" felt to me like an over-ambitious choice when the nMC were working on it, but it seemed to come together well in the end. I guess the recordings will be the final arbiter, but it was fun to try :)



Dear Steve,

I read your report and started crying because it was so wonderful to read it all -

World Dream... Yes, that was something else I wanted to thank you for. When I first learned about it, I thought "Nice idea, the guy's nuts." When I heard the song for the first time, sung by Katy on the camp fire at FilkyDays I thought, "Nice idea, but he should have written something else, something less... sentimental". So when the song was rehearsed, I missed out all of the rehearsals, being snobbish and saying things like "Well I've never had trouble learning a song and after all, it's all so sentimental, and we've got our own spot to rehearse...". But then I attended the recording (never leave out a chance to get mentioned on a CD-cover!), and for the first time I heard the song as it was meant to be sung, by thousands of voices, and yes, and was sentimental, and yes, it was beautiful, and again, I almost started crying.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your dream with us. Hope to see you again in 2003... Or meanwhile, somewhere else...

Yours, Thesilee
(the left-handed half of Lord Landless)


Hi Steve!

I think it was a really great idea. It has given me very much. I never thought that there are so many filkers out there! Never thought about anything outside my country or Europe. You have made me curious about it. The dream is about community, and it is not only a dream, it is true! I am very sad I missed the recording. That would have been the opportunity to sing together with people I have not yet met. Shareing something. Even if the others are so far away. But I am happy that I tasted the spirit of WorlDream at the practice session. A thousand thanks for that!

You know you will have to do it again? (grin)

Hugs, Shaya

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